Our Company

Accountable Bookkeeping & Consulting LLC was founded in February 2008 in Melbourne, FL but unofficially started as a part-time bookkeeping contract for a small church in Boise, ID in May, 2007 by founder Sandra B. Brown. After successful careers in commercial software development and semiconductor processing, Sandy discovered that providing bookkeeping and consulting services for small clients was infinitely more satisfying than working for corporate America. And since bookkeeping is a service that's needed where-ever there are small businesses, she chose to move to beautiful Melbourne, FL to start the official company.
Having used QuickBooks financial software while briefly owning a coffee house in Santa Barbara, CA in 1995, and because QuickBooks is the leader in small business accounting software, it was a logical choice to build a business around. And with a background in software development and engineering it was relatively easy to gain certification in QuickBooks Financials and later, QuickBooks Point of Sale.
But building a bookkeeping and consulting business couldn't have happened without the help and mentorship of a wonderful local CPA. We still use her today for tough accounting situations and to refer clients for income tax preparation which is the one service that Accountable Bookkeeping & Consulting LLC does not provide. If you need a great CPA, contact us for a referral.
While providing a full range of bookkeeping services, Accountable Bookkeeping & Consulting LLC has developed expertise in three niche areas:
  • Government Fund Accounting: Government entities are required to use the state's Uniform Accounting System Chart of Accounts and must track income and expenditures by funds. In addition, government entities are required to be audited by a CPA firm on an annual basis. Our experience with these details makes the annual audit a breeze.
  • Retail Point of Sale: Inventory valuation has a huge impact on profit and loss and if it's not accurate, the company may be paying too much (or too little) in income taxes. A point of sale system not only manages your sales (receipts, credit card processing, discournts & promotions), it also keeps track of your inventory automatically with every sale, order and return. The end result is that your P&L statements are more accurate on a monthly basis with no surprises at year-end and income tax time. A point of sale system can be a stand-alone system, manually synchronized with a financials application, or fully integrated with the financials application.
  • Accounting Software Conversions: Some accounting software applications are easier to use and more efficient than others. We've provided conversions from other leading accounting packages to QuickBooks Financials with great results.